Tech Support

We provide more ballistic help than you see on these pages.

We’ve also got experts standing by to provide assistance one-to-one. Got a question about how your bullet will work with the Eliminator Laser Riflescope? Curious if a particular reticle might work for your extreme hunting experience? Send us email or give us a call.

We can also swap some turret knobs, and replace some reticles. And we’re always here if you have any issues or concerns with your Burris products.

Call (970) 356-1670 for a quote and estimated turnaround time, and to order.

  • Average delivery time is 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Prices include return postage.
  • Not all options are available on every Burris scope.

Knob Conversions

Convert from Hunter Knobs to Target Knobs $80

Convert from Target Knobs to Hunter Knobs $40

Special-Order Reticles

Plex $60
Ballistic Plex $60
Fine Plex $60
Heavy Plex $60
German 3P#4 $60