Ballistics Tools

Reticle Analysis

Precise results for Burris reticles

Burris offers a wide variety of reticles, and this tool ensures you can utilize their full potential. It’s easy to match your environment, cartridge, gun and scope to provide the exact reticle data you need. Whether you dial in a solution, or prefer an exact holdover, this tool will calculate it for you. Learn precisely where your shot will fall at any distance.

Custom Knobs

Burris now offers custom knobs for most of our riflescopes. This function allows you to modify the elevation knob to match your exact cartridge and environmental shooting conditions.

Custom knobs and options can be ordered using this tool for:

  • AR Riflescopes
  • MSR Riflescopes
  • C4 Plus
  • Predator Quest
  • Droptine
  • Veracity
  • Fullfield E1
  • XTR II


The Eliminator LaserScope determines the range to your target and calculates your bullet drop automatically. It requires basic programming to work correctly, and you must enter two numbers for accurate results: the Ballistic Coefficient of your bullet, and your bullet’s Drop Number at 750 yards. With this tool you can now very quickly get the ballistic information needed to program your Eliminator scope.

You can also fine-tune the Eliminator to match your actual shooting conditions. This comes in handy when your range is located at 1,000 feet above sea level but you’re planning an elk hunt at 7,500 feet. You can enter those environmental changes and trust that your Eliminator will shoot accurately when you arrive at your new location

FourX RifleScope

Available only to European hunters, the FourX is a long range scope designed specifically for challenging European hunting conditions.

It comes with your choice of four turret knobs. This tool will help you quickly pick the proper knob for your shooting.

Dope Card

The Dope Card tool was designed with the serious shooter in mind, but it’s also a great way for any novice to learn more about long-range shooting. We’ve taken the same ballistics engine from the Ballistic Reticle Analysis tool and added scalable formats and numerous printing options to further customize your shooting experience. The Burris Dope Card tool provides a level of detail that goes beyond the vast majority of ballistic tools available now.