XTR II 1-8x

1x scopes are great for both-eyes open shooting, which can give a huge advantage in tactical situations and competition.  The 8x zoom meets the same goals: enough oomph to get you out to surprisingly far distances, but small enough to keep targeting times quick.
And now Burris has another true 1x scope, in our hugely popular XTR family. Same illumination and controls as the rest of the XTR’s, but brand new reticles in your choice of front or rear focal planes.



M.A.D. System

Turns out that some folks really like the taller, more exposed competition style knobs. Some don’t: they prefer the slimmer, capped hunting type knobs.  On a bunch of Burris Scopes, you’re now able to mix and match those knobs however you want. Because it would be MAD for us to tell you which is best!
M.A.D. stands for Modular Adjustment Dial . We reengineered the turret system to allow you to easily swap out M.A.D. compatible knobs.  Available soon on many XTR and Veracity scopes. Details on our website soon.

Eliminator III LaserScope with Remote Cable Switch

Same Eliminator, with its ability to precisely range your target and use its built-in ballistics to calculate the exact drop for your bullet.  What’s new on this model? A remote cable switch.  It lets you put the range/targeting button wherever you want, right or left, exactly where your finger is going to naturally fall.
Details on our website.